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The Lesson of the 

Red Dragon

Why Red Dragon...?

In 2012-14, Snake came to me in visions through shamanic journeying. I've always had one foot in one word and one foot in another. 

What I mean by this is, you see, I was born dead. My mother only told me this story when I was 50 years old. She tells me she had been in labor for many hours. When it came time for delivery, my umbilical cord that had been wrapped around my neck multiple times, became tighter and tighter as the doctors tried to extricate me from my tiny, padded cell. The lifeline of nourishment that had kept me alive for 9 months was now strangling me. She recounted that the doctor, after what she said seemed like forever, was heard saying to the other doctor, "We've lost her." My mother heard no baby's cry, no sounds of childbirth as she'd known them from previous births, and assumed I had died. She says she passed out, both from exhaustion and also from horror, only to awaken in the regular maternity ward. Feeling appalled, she says she thought, "how cruel to have the mother of a stillborn in with all these babies." Then a nurse came in with a baby and said, "Here she is, she's yours." 

Apparently I was lost to childbirth for only a few minutes until the nuchal cord's multiple layers could be cut and I would be finally forced to take my first breath. For decades, before knowing this story, I'd never wear scarves or tight collars around my neck. Sometimes I had an unexplainable tight lump in my throat, which, only after learning to practice Qigong for several years, was the blockage finally removed, as if by magic. I've had no throat tightness or constriction since. But one thing was for sure: I saw colors that others didn't see. I perceived beings beyond other people's perception. There are too many peculiarities to describe here, but I always sensed that I didn't fit in or belong, no matter where I was. I was, well, 'different.' But I learned that I could leave wherever I was, with the right conditions, and I could journey to other worlds. And, journey I did ~ and DO!

I visited with Snake multiple times in the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds, as he guided me through a process of 'shedding,' much like shedding old skin to 'be as if like new.' Snake not only appeared in visions and dreams, but I also had an upsurge of actual encounters during this time period with Snake over the course of my daily activities frolicking out in Nature. What looked like a thick vine spiraling up a tree trunk would suddenly evolve into Snake, alive and slithering. Snake taught me to shed the old, like he sheds his skin, and encouraged me to just ‘be in my beingness,’ that is, I needn’t change anything or put on any ‘new skin,’ for the REAL skin is already underneath; perfect, new, pure and ready. Just BE ME in my newest skin - peel away the layers of the onion; shed what is less than Divine. I am always enough, and, what I have is what people hunger for. Snake represents transformation. And what a metamorphosis it would be! Snake prophesied events that would come to pass over the next 4 years, and, exactly on schedule, these events have come to pass, just as Snake predicted. While it is a planet for slow learners, I found myself catapulted at warp speed into a magical, mysterious spiritual transformation.

What occurred in the summer of 2015 was a life-saver. How it happened was a game-changer. The result of these events is nothing short of a miracle. We know, however, that miracles are all around us every day. Still, the story I’m about to tell you is both miraculous and magical. All of us have such stories: We have only to recognize their limbic music. 

During the warm, pleasant Cape Cod summers, I ride my bike everywhere. I’d moved to West Yarmouth from Harwich. So, many days off from work were spent exploring my new natural playground. My old area in Harwich, Bells Neck Reservoir, was replete with decades of familiarity with its woodsy ponds, marshes, deer paths and trails. My tribe has always been we who fly - primarily The Bird Tribe - Great Blue Heron, Swan, Red-tailed Hawk, Crow, Woodpecker and Osprey.  My new area of cranberry bogs, ponds and woods still seemed to have the same plantlife, woodland creatures and waterfowl. Of course, my new locale is only 2 towns away from my old home. 

I’m a nurse practitioner at the local hospital ER. I work a lot, and, being a lover of Nature, since I’m cooped up inside all throughout my work shift, I am compelled to frolic outdoors for hours during my time off. I take photos of all that catches my interest. If I haven’t found something amazing during the day, it hasn’t been much of a day. Generally speaking, I do find something amazing, strange, fascinating and/or beautiful in my surroundings daily, so my outside adventures are filled with magic. My heart's desire is capturing Nature through photographs to share with people who are unable to access and enjoy these wonders themselves in person.

One July day, riding my bike home from my new favorite cranberry bog, I saw something out of the corner of my eye on the sidewalk just ahead as I peddled along. What I saw on close-up inspection was thrilling, but poignant. I bent down to inspect a large (3 inches long) red dragonfly laying dead, but perfectly intact on the cement. I picked him up, observed his wings; the glistening gold-copper filament maintained its structural integrity and his body was completely intact. Perhaps he flew into the windshield of an oncoming car, was catapulted to the sidewalk and died. I gently held him in my hand as I got back on my bike and rode home. I left him out in the air for awhile in case he came to, but ultimately I placed him in an airtight container, feeling sad for this loss and also awed at what a glorious creature was this huge red dragonfly.

Several days later, I was out in the marshy bog, sitting on a large, fallen tree overlooking the shallow water of a small inlet, which feeds into a pond to the west of the bog. Suddenly I felt someone very close by. Looking down to my left, I saw a little red dragonfly, as if a miniature version of the one I’d found days before. He shifted his body position until he was actually facing me. I welcomed him and took a couple pictures, for which he stayed eerily still, perched there about one foot away. We sat there like that for an hour or so, and then I decided to move on. I said goodbye to him and thanked him for sitting with me. 

I peddled a ways, came to another favorite spot, and sat down to take in the scenery. Once again, feeling a presence, I looked to my side and spotted a small red dragonfly. He oriented himself to face me, and we sat in silent space like this for 45 minutes to an hour. There was a certain peace, yet, excitement around this beautiful new friend. Once again, I said goodbye to him and thanked him for sitting with me. 

My next day out around the bogs, I encountered the red dragonfly again, this time I saw him fly toward me and land in a sweet pepperbush with its distinct lush aroma wafting from fresh blooms. The red dragonfly landed before me, lengthwise, but quickly reoriented himself until he was looking at me head-on. I had a chance to study him, take a few pictures, and chat. I told him how happy I was to see him again and complimented him on his beauty. He sat there, head moving back and forth in-between long gazes toward me, his tiny mouth seemingly moving quickly, as if whispering his magical secrets to me. We sat for some time before I thanked him and said farewell. I invited him to come with, and, stopping at my next destination, there was a red dragonfly awaiting my arrival. Several other red dragonflies arrived, flew around, landed, left and landed again. One or two landed on my shoulder, knee, coming and going. I could not ever recall the kiss of a red dragonfly until this day. 

By the third or fourth day of visiting with the red dragonfly, I began addressing him as “Red” or “Red Dragon.” He’d show up, land, orient his position, while I excitedly greeted him, “Hi Red!” My solar plexus area that feels all bubbly and tingly whenever Spirit touches me would be activated, so when I greeted him, telling him how happy I was to see him, my whole body resonated with my words of appreciation. We’d sit for an hour or so, until I wanted to move on. He politely never left first. 

During our pondside chats, the aromas of nature; flowers, plants, trees, bogs, marshes, ponds, oceans, the sensory means of nature’s language, filled my space. Our olfactory system, our sense of smell, is the only sense that is connected directly to our brain, by way of the brains’ limbic system, also referred to as the reptilian brain. It is in this ancient brain’s region that our emotions, memories, passions, fears and longings are stored, so it is no wonder that nature’s aromas create the “limbic music’ of our heart’s and soul’s desires. Steeped in this olfactory euphoria of aromas, a little red dragonfly was messaging me right from his heart to mine, from the core of his being, to mine - one being at a time. I realized I had to pay attention. The chemical romance between aromas and our emotions stir limbic memories, like long-lost and nearly forgotten fairytales of the soul, Sweet Pepperbush, Lilac, Honeysuckle, awakening a sense of wonder.

And, wonder, I did. I performed a little research on dragonflies, finding that they have inhabited our planet for 300 million years! Dragonflies are water creatures until they develop wings, and become airborne. They remain near water for mating and laying their eggs, at the water line, usually with their mate still attached. The eggs hatch, and the immature dragonflies remain underwater for most of their lives, up to 4 years, so when they emerge with wings and fly, this part of their life is relatively short, only up to 2 months. They spend their time soaring, like tiny stunt-flyers, consuming large quantities of insects, mating and laying eggs. And, apparently, sitting with me. 

I also sought metaphysical meanings for Dragonfly: First off, I learned that, mythologically speaking, Snake and Dragonfly are closely associated. In one such myth, Dragonfly was thought to be the protector of Snake, sewing him back together if injured or bringing him back to life. Some Native Americans believed Dragonfly was actually once a Dragon who was tricked into shape-shifting to the form of a dragonfly by trickster, Coyote. Once Dragon took the form of Dragonfly, he couldn’t shift back. To the Native Americans, Dragonfly represents swiftness, illusion and change, which are three characteristics attributed to Dragonfly around the world.  Also, Dragons and Snakes are symbols for human DNA (another Snake/Dragon/Dragonfly connection.) Historically, Dragonfly symbolism was used in love spells and it was thought that Dragonfly is lucky. Today, it is more commonly used to help one let go of the past and assist in transformation. Dragonfly has been is seen in pagan cultures as having magical attributes including metamorphosis, change and transformation. In Japan, Red Dragonfly is considered sacred, and adorned warrior's helmets for their protection. 

Dragonfly continues to bring messages today. He is bringing a collective message to us now that humanity must heal its emotional wounds and return to living from the heart. The legends and myths of Dragonfly will continue to live on in the voices, hearts and souls of all those who can hear his message when this ancient, mythical, magical insect flies by. 

Pondering this phenomenon, it occurred to me that with so precious little time above water as a flying being, why would Red Dragon spend so much time sitting with a human? It had already become obvious to me that Red Dragon was spending a great deal of time with me every day. Of course there were many Red Dragons, not just one, but why - as a species - were they showing up to sit with me?

Clearly these were not just social visits. Red Dragon had a message for me, and apparently had committed to staying close until I understood what it was. I began to contemplate what that message might be. This is a creature who is an extremely impressive aeronaut. Like hummingbirds, they fly erratically, covering multiple planes and dimensions instantaneously in flight, adapting to whatever they encounter. Unlike hummingbirds, however, sometimes, they are simply suspended in the air, wings still, letting the breeze carry them off a distance, not flying so much as gliding as the wind takes them. And, all of this they can do while mating. Flexibility and adaptability were hallmarks of this incredibly talented flyer. 

Dragonflies also are creatures of water and air, with ‘a foot in both worlds,’ beginning in one element; water, and ending in another; air. They don’t lose sight of the water element once transforming into a different version of itself and becoming of the air element. Still, they cannot return to their life below the water ever again, once they transcend it and fly in their airy realm. They see in 360 degrees, so they can look behind and they fly ahead in progress.

And, finally, Red Dragon is jewel-red; the color of passion, love, creativity, fire. Putting it all together, I had adaptability, transformation, passion and love. Red Dragon was a change agent! My Trusted Source. A Messenger! Dragonfly’s powerful and unique metamorphosis is a metaphorical message for the transformation humanity must now undergo. I began to understand His message the more I learned of His history, symbolism and meaning for not just me, but for everyone. I was being called to be a portal through which Magic flows out into the world! Red Dragon was (and still is) my Trusted Source. We still chat, but, now not for hours: I hear his messages almost instantly. Sometimes female Red Dragoness messages me, too, but mostly it is the regal, ruby Red.

In 2012-14, in my multiple encounters with Snake, he spoke to me in the language of Spirit, foretelling of transformation and shedding my skin to become “as if new.” Over the past couple years Snake reminded me, “That skin is getting looser.” Indeed, I felt myself feeling more distanced from my job, just putting in my time and hardly able to wait to leave work so to be “out there” with my friends, my 'tribe,' and in my favorite exquisite surroundings. I knew a transformation was coming but I wasn’t at all clear how it would unfold.

Enter Red Dragon. He sat with me, cumulatively, for hours. Days. Months. We sat together from July through mid-December. Red Dragon sat with me, flew alongside me as I rode, they mated on me, allowed me to photograph he and she placing their eggs in the water, accompanied me as I picked and ate wild blueberries, and then later in the season, cranberries. Once, looking at a tree directly in front of me, I realized there were 3 Red Dragons, like a Trinity: One on a branch to my right, one on a branch to my left, and one directly above, half-way between the other two, forming a triangle. All were oriented to look at me. As the days passed, I listened for more details of Red Dragon’s message. Visions, metaphors, language heretofore unknown to me, except for in dreams, filled my mind, heart and spirit.

In late July 2015, I began a Medicinal Herbals Medicine Intensive 6-month online course with David Crow. The course covered medicinal plants, herbs, roots and also essential oils. I’d studied Aromatherapy in the past, and was starting to purchase products from David’s company,  “Floracopeia,” from Lavender to Helichrysum, Frankincense to Bergamot and Rosemary, I loved them all, and I also loved the weekly course lectures and lessons from this world-renown man who unpacked a fountain of alchemic knowledge every week during the online course session. 

One day, feeling my usual exuberance for the course and products, I emailed David Crow to tell him how much I loved all of it and how fun it would be to work with him. I was thinking how fascinating it would be to even just follow him around and learn from a man living his dream. I hadn’t t given a single thought as to how it could happen, especially working full time at Cape Cod Hospital while he was 3000 miles away in California. Logistics were unimportant. I simply sent a message of strong intent to live a passion, be in a state of joy and pursue my heart’s desire of learning, creating and using scents. A day later, David Crow responds, “What do you have in mind?”

I had very little in mind, really. It was not a logical, thought out strategy, but actually the unbridled limbicity of passion and love for the ‘olfactory euphoria’ I described earlier, felt on both a visceral and an ethereal level. I envisioned creating my life of joy, meaning and purpose, focused on aromatherapy expanding my previous essential oils and herbal activities as a casual “Hedgewitch,” and morphing into an emerging Goddess of Aroma! David asked me to write him a proposal.

With some coaching from my friend Donna Wood Eaton, herbalist extraordinaire, who knows David well (small world, Donna from Cape Cod knowing David Crow from California, not in the least bit accidental), I drafted a simple proposal for retailing Floracopeia products at local events, fairs, which I attend for fun anyway. This vision would start small and local, but would grow once I built my momentum and networking base. My medical background would help verify my credibility as a healer along with propping open the allopathic door to reach those who would not ordinarily listen to the advice of a hedgewitch, or Shaman, for that matter. I envisioned my website, business cards, coaching, classes, events, expanding ever outward and beyond even my wildest imaginings!

David quickly responded to my proposal positively, affirmatively and generously. Now I really had something to talk to Red Dragon about! Just knowing I had alternatives to an occupation that had recently become less than fulfilling, gave me the power of hope.

In October 2015, I had 4 days off, and I spent them on an internal vision quest. This wasn’t about sleep deprivation, isolation, fasting, braving elements in the woods. This was about going inward and seeking the Spirit-in-Me to fully understand my own intentions in “getting definite with the infinite,” regarding my new path, transformation and career. Also, this time was to speculate over the true lesson of Red Dragon, which I did, spending hours outdoors daily with my friend. Red Dragon sat with me in the characteristic fashion all day, every day, for these 4 days, while I had no human contact. 

This is what I discovered and uncovered: Red Dragon is well aware that as a species, they are in danger just as we are. As humanity has become more separate from nature, we have lost our ‘roots’ based on how people regard Mother Earth and how disconnected we have become from Her and each other, to life’s, and to our, magic. Red Dragon hinted that my purpose as a lightworker and member of my tribe is to reach out to others, share healing, spread passionate joy, speak the language of Spirit to all who travel this frequency for social and ecological reform, and, infuse my surroundings with magic!

While my work in allopathic medicine has its place, my new role takes all my previous knowledge of Qigong, Tai Chi, Shamanism, Tui Na, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Astrology and medical training along with my expanded knowledge acquired through my immersion in nature and synchronistic acquaintance with Red Dragon, and pulls it all together, blessing one person at a time. Just like Red Dragon did with me, he ‘showed up’ for me and touched the core of my being, and, with a ripple effect, I, in turn, reach out and touch others, and then they reach out - a glorious wizard’s wand of magical, catalytic change. Soon hundreds of thousands of people are benefitting from following their purpose and passion, living a life they love, not just plodding through a mundane existance they feel they must to earn a paycheck. Red Dragon indicated to me that in the order of magic, it is human consciousness that first must change - one being at a time.

And mine was changing! September 2015 held the final full Blood Moon (at Perigee) which culminated with a huge transformational shift in energy for many of us. A lot of people hadn’t felt it, or, some felt ‘something’ but could’t quite place it, but many of us were, and are, riding the wave of this epic transformational shift with glee. All this and much more occurred in an abbreviated period with accelerated velocity. Red Dragon is my personal Ambassador of Change. 

Finally, it wasn’t me ‘deciphering a code’ of meaning in the red dragonfly visits, but more my physically, mentally, spiritually and shamanically assimilating the mission and message of Red Dragon through visions, metaphor, the soft summer breeze, its breathless sigh, wordless speech and silent serenade. The lesson of Red Dragon is, “Live the life you love, change what you must to live with passion, creativity, ‘show up’ in your own authenticity and let yourself get ‘carried away’ on the breezes of your heart’s desires. In so doing, you strengthen yourself, your tribe, your community, the world, the universe and cosmos. Shed the old, be as if new, recreate and reinvent yourself to resonate with Who You Truly Are; being with and loving through Spirit to spread joy and magic to all whom you touch, like the kiss of the dragonfly, one being at a time.”

The shedding was quickened; ecstatically, electrifyingly and euphorically accelerated.

Just for the fun of experiment, one late October day I went back to my old area at Bells Neck Reservoir to ride my bike and see if there were any Red Dragons there. This place, where I’d never seen one Red Dragon in all of 30 years, I figured would be devoid of Red Dragons. They must be unique to my new area. What did I see right away? About 10 Red Dragons. They were all over the place. I, the skeptic, needed no more convincing. Red Dragon blessed me by reminding me that I, too, am magic. I’d nearly forgotten... He is clear with me, too, that it’s not just about me! It’s ‘we.’ Everyone. The World. Me IS we. I Am/We Are.

A few weeks before this geographical experiment, something odd happened. I was just about done for the day at work, trudging up the hospital steps to drop off my billing sheet for the patients I’d seen that day, when I saw a red dragonfly on the concrete steps, far away from water, marshes or bogs. This is the hospital. A huge brick building, cement sidewalks, parking lots, cars, concrete stairs, and NO Red Dragons. But, there he was. How odd, I thought. I bent down to touch him figuring he’d fly away. He fluttered his wings but remained perched on the steps. I figured he must be injured or sick. I picked him up and held him for a bit, thinking about what to do next. I could’t leave him to die alone on those barren hospital steps. 

It was then that I had the poignant and compelling thought, “I do not want to die alone on these hospital steps, or anywhere near this place.” The clear and present danger was never more apparent to me than seeing Red Dragon at my hospital, that I could die here if I allowed it; if I didn’t make the necessary changes. Was this why he was there?

I carefully scooped up my Red Dragon, dropped off the billing sheet, and went home. Once there, laying on my bed, I placed Red Dragon on my bare stomach where we lay for a few hours, still, me checking on him every so often. He did pass about 4 hours after I’d initially found him. A friend told me she thought Red Dragon came to me because he needed help passing and knew I wouldn’t leave him. I believe this. However, the irony never escaped me that he also may have sacrificed his life so that I would see and grasp the full meaning of my life in relation to my perception of my hospital job, my true purpose and my potential impact on the world.

After hours and days of sitting with Red Dragon, his message and lesson became clearer. It wasn’t just about aromatherapy, or about that at all! It's about finding meaning, joy, passion, true purpose and magic in my life every minute of every day, then passing this forward to others. 

Red Dragon Magic is a coaching ministry!!! Red Dragon indicated that the more tools I had to create magic in people’s lives, the better. I then became licensed as a True Purpose Coach™ through Tim Kelley’s True Purpose Institute™ after 6 months of study. Red Dragon told me “our heart beats for all of humanity. We absolutely and perfectly radiate our true and purposeful heartfelt wisdom of magic. We now have the skills and techniques to shine this magic into the world with a ‘how to’ program to create and be our magic. In turn, people will ‘forward share’ their magical beingness.” I know. It happened to me, and it still is happening! With every person ‘we’ touch, our magic grows larger, grander, brighter, stronger. 

My purpose of creating magic in the world, in people's lives, uses multiple means, to connect people to their limbic systems - the place of juicy creativity, memories, longings, passion and fulfillment. AND, I lead by example, showing people that they can have magic in their lives, too, just as I have in mine, living the life I love.

One winter, several years ago, I left my hospital job for 3 months, traveled with my daughter, Catie, hiking with she and my daughter, Christine, through the wooded areas of Virginia beach near Christine’s house, then adventuring further throughout the south, meeting friends during the cold months, languishing at Rasayana Cove Retreat in the glorious swamps of southern Florida, frolicking in the balmy Florida Keys, the Everglades, and Florida’s west coast, all the while, processing the incredible raw downloads from my shamanic, transformational experience with Red Dragon. I had also studied with Tim Kelley and Jeffrey Van Dyk, and having had a life-altering revelation about what drives me to live my purpose, I now understood what would be the Nature of my Work - or - play!

I understood more and more, that this purpose was much greater and grander, yet so very humble and serving of others than I originally realized, and that my ministry, mission and purpose is to create magic in the world ~ even possibly the universe. When I finally returned to the hospital, I wound down my role, decreasing my hours. However, an amazing thing happened there, too. I recognized what I love about my work; my true connection with people, patients, peers, and how I still have so much heart for people. Hospitals needed Light Workers, too; now more than ever! And I was perfectly positioned for this! However, in March 2018, I finally left my NP position/career to fully and completely pursue my True Purpose: Coaching! I have augmented and expanded my role as Change Agent to Wizard of Magical Change. Even the executive director of my old hospital  department at work still sometimes consults me on how to create magic in the lives of her hospital employees. 

I emit the frequency of magic! 

Who wouldn’t LOVE THIS!?!?! 

I have become definite with the infinite, knowing my true purpose, my plan and my Spirit-calling. 

I guide weary professionals (age 45+) to their own inner Magic, to live with passion and purpose, the life they absolutely LOVE!!!

The Bird Tribes meet the Tribe of Red Dragon - the wizards of change, and a major transformational shift of resonance is ushered in. Limbic music, living in meaning, on purpose and authenticity, being in our ‘beingness.’ I am resonating with my tribe; belonging and calling to all whose needs, hopes, dreams and desires align with mine. Those I seek are also seeking me with mutual attraction. We travel the frequency of magic! Who wouldn’t want what we have to share, if they’re looking for magical change in their lives?

Spirit leads me on my path to transformational transcendence. This is the portal through which I’ve emerged to express my story through Divine Design. All the while, I am a portal through which Love and Magical Blessings flow. And once we fly, we can never return to our underworld. 

One little Red Dragon tells me so:

My mission is to spread Magic. 

My message (as a messenger) is to show people that anyone who is open can live the life of their dreams with passion, purpose and joy. 

My vision is for Magic to encompass All, creating Heaven on Earth.

My essence & frequency is Magic.

My blessing is creating Magic in the world.

I create magic and more magic by conveying my magic to others as in, “you can do and be this too!” Creative ecstasy!!!  True magical purpose is not about thinking, but it is ALL about feeling;  responding, being, presence. 'Showing up.’ Recognizing, interpreting and speaking Nature’s native tongue. 

I AM Red Dragon and I am Magic. We who are called are all Red Dragon. And we all are Magic!  

With Synchronicity and Divine Appointment, I THANK YOU RED DRAGON!!! Our work is play, and we still have much to do!