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It is said that the work of children is play ~

Come play!!!

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and endless bounty of nature. Enjoy a time to “just be” and align with your true self, leaving the “noise” of life behind.

Join others of the kindred kind and receive deep rest, renewal and regeneration.

If you are:

In Transition

Feeling Stuck

Pondering a life-change

If you desire:

Deep Relaxation

Connection with Nature & Guides

Heightened Intuition   

Stronger Spirituality  

Renewed passion for life  

Insight & Clarity

This experience may be the perfect opportunity for all of the above. Nature is the opening to the energetic oneness of the Universe. It frees our souls and sings our heart’s song. It opens doors to the richness, is a portal to the magic, wisdom, and love that abides in each one of us.

Let your child-like wonder go wild and walk with your guides Mary Glynn and Jeannie Heroux.

The collective energy of the group infuses and expands us as we let our senses soar and bring us to places within and without ourselves; of joy, freedom, validation, gratitude, surrender, and love. 

Expanded energetic consciousness opens creative flow and heart.

Immersed in Cape Cod’s beauty, her glorious light and scents of the sea, this 4 day extravaganza will enlighten and inspire as you emerge with “new eyes” and new perspective. 

Opening to creative flow our senses are ignited!

Flowing like sparkling water we open our hearts and minds to endless possibilities and prosperity of spirit. Let your soul be cleansed in an atmosphere of change and flow allowing spaciousness to “just be” in the comfort and support of your guides and others as we delve into our own deep waters.

Say Bon Voyage to the constraints of everyday life and flow into the deepest parts of yourself - your true path, heart’s fire, your true self & purpose just waiting to be explored with a child’s inquisitive mind.

"Nurtured by Nature" Spirit Walk in Nature Retreats will leave you with a feeling of being well taken care of! Like a child cradled in the arms of Mother Earth’s radiant energy and engulfed by healing waters.

Grab this unprecedented opportunity to go from stuck ~~ to flow. 

The chance is here, the time is now.

Why wait? 

Each one of us has an internal child just longing to be invited to the party!! Here’s your invitation! It would be an honor and privilege to share this adventure with you!


Jeannie and Mary

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CALLING OUT - You are 35 to 65+ years old, you feel lost and uninspired by your ‘ordinary’ life.  You get up every day to face the ‘grind’ of your workday, which has become sheer drudgery, and what you “do” is mundane, grey, hum-drum, devoid of passion or purpose, miracles or magic. Although you are surrounded by fast-moving, intense occurrences, you have become detached and oddly dissociated from what was once exciting to you.

You have growing awareness that your current existence is spiritless and monotonous. Struggling to put one foot in front of the other to “get through” your day has become such an energy drain, you may find yourself procrastinating in daily tasks, feeling overwhelmed, thoroughly exhausted.

In a quiet, knowing way you suspect you're meant to make a valuable contribution with your time here. You’ve been feeling a stronger sense of discontent or disengagement lately… A nagging little voice warns that you are NOT doing the work you were meant to be doing, that you aren't fully utilizing your talents, your abilities, or your resources to the highest potential.

You have more than a vague notion that you aren't on the right path to creating your greatest work, your biggest impact, and the most meaningful difference you can make in the world. You just can't shake the feeling that you might fall short of fulfilling your true purpose and potential. In addition, you have been serving the public for years, and nothing changes, it only seems to get worse. 

The human condition has spun out of control, and your work feels akin to putting on a ‘bandaid’ on society’s ills. 

Question: Have you ever kept flies in a covered jar? They fly around in there, right? Then you take off the cover, but the flies still fly around and ‘round and ‘round in there, not recognizing the portal to their freedom. 

Does this sound like you?

You feel like there’s no escape, so you just keep slugging it out at your job. It’s as if the magic, romance, passion and joy of being alive is evading you. You are financially stable, but, you are only ‘motivated’ by your paycheck, not by the magical exhilaration of living your passion and purpose. 

You semi-engage superficially with people, but your heart still ‘longs to belong’ in a tribe that’s found true meaning and are living their greatest purpose. Working among them and sharing this same profound, collective calling haunts you more than you care to admit. While you get along with your co-workers, feel a botherhood or sisterhood at times, it is shared trauma that draws you all together. In your quietest moments, you still feel isolated, helpless, hopeless, desperate and searching for true meaning. 

Chances are, you only admit this heartbreaking realization in rare, fleeting moments. 

And, to no one but yourself.

If this is you, you are ‘ripe’ for change. You strongly suspect life holds much more purpose for you. You feel, believe and know you are not living your passionate truth and destiny, and increasingly, you can barely stand another day in your meaningless rut, working your heart out while feeling unappreciated by those you serve. You are teetering on the precipice, having just about reached your tipping point.

Have you have felt a faint stirring, like a long-lost and nearly forgotten fairytale, that occasionally rises to the surface of your consciousness, only to fade away again with the next momentary distraction? Occasionally, during a daydream, do you muse, “there must be something more for me? I know there is.” 

And how do you know there is?

Because you believe! 

You believe, or can entertain the belief in the possibility of your life’s transformation from mundane to magnificent, ordinary to extraordinary. 

You believe in something greater than yourself. 

You can get in touch with a source, whether within or without you, and, you are at least ambivalent, and perhaps even completely open, to MAGIC. 

Your soul feels weary. Your heart feels saddened. You trained for a profession which you once embraced, yet now, it is one to which you feel estranged. You are seeking a tribe. Not just any tribe - YOUR tribe. 

Every day that you get up, suit up and show up for work is another day that takes a piece of your soul. 

Your sleep has been interrupted, you awaken from a dream that is just on the periphery, evasively beyond your recollection, summoning you to fall back to sleep …

You have two options: 

One, you continue to feel ‘lost,’ ‘missing out on the magic,’ knowing there’s something more and better for you; a purpose or mission to which you have been called, but you’ve neither identified, nor pursued. Thus, you ‘stay in the jar’ until you can finally retire.

Or, two, you undergo a transformation to be, do and have direct access to and implementation of your true purpose in life, and live it every day with meaning, passion and joy!!!


You are hungry for change, your heart longs to burst open with rainbows, and you are drawn to those who radiate the frequency of magic. 

You have known for awhile that the time has come for you to ‘show up,’ follow your heart, discover and embrace meaning in your life, get carried away by your passion and embody your true purpose. 

You know that to do anything less will just leave you wanting, and, disappointed in yourself. 

How will you feel if, in 3, 4 or 5 years, you are still right where you are now? 

I know. I’ve been where you are. I have known the ‘burn-out,’ and the feeling of being a body filling a ‘hole in the schedule.’ Years of living in the fray of others’ trauma and bearing witness to it; testifying to the misery becomes part of our daily routine. 

We are haunted by the kaleidoscope of vivid visions from our past experiences, which burden our hearts and become restless thought-wanderings, preventing us from blissfully living in the moment - any moment. 

Is this you?

I am here to guide you out of this mundane existence and into creating a different path for you full of magic, joy, passion and meaning.


NOW. Close your eyes for a few moments, breathe a couple deep breaths, and I’ll take you on a journey…..

You arise every day feeling awake, aware, alive and radiant! Your ordinary life is extraordinary. No more feeling taken advantage of or “trafficked.” 

No longer are you putting one foot in front of the other. 

Your dancing spirit is flying! You can feel your buoyancy, your magnetic energy, loving life’s romance and the joy of being alive in it. You are purposefully prosperous, passionately motivated, joyfully involved in every aspect of your life. 

The fairytale is real! You ARE the magic fairytale! The magic is real. You HAVE it, and you are ecstatically engaged with just experiencing it. It’s invigorating! You are light, happy, frolicking in the magic - which is even better than ‘living the dream!’ 

Everyone is telling you about your radiant glow; how you look 20 years younger. You see it for yourself. Look!

Remember in the Wizard of Oz, it changed from black & white to color, once Dorothy & Toto landed in Oz? 

You are in Oz! You are living in color! 

No more grey, hum-drum. Your life is completely different now. You are the greatest, grandest version of you that exponentially exceeded your wildest imaginings. You feel like there’s stardust and glitter all around you and you’re light  - in flight!  

The fly has flown from the jar! 

You are miraculously ensconced in your magical calling. You know there is ‘something more,’ because, NOW you HAVE it! You are magnetized, the magic flourishes in you. You can’t wait to pass it on!  

You are living the life you love and loving the life you live, with pure purpose, passion, and with a wide-open heart. Your heart beats for all of humanity. You spread your joy, magic and creativity with fervor, ‘showing up’ in your own authenticity.

Your sensuality is also heightened, because, ‘having opened up,’ all your senses are engaged. You are finally LIVING; Go ahead! Can you taste, smell, feel, see, hear as for the first time? Colors are brighter, music is more melodic, food tastes better, flowers have a more intense aroma. 

It’s like the difference between going out on a date with an acquaintance just for something to do, versus going out with the one who you love and desire  - your heart feels larger, the Moon looks more intense, the breeze more stimulating, you can’t wait to dance! You’re flying! You’re in LOVE!

You consistently ‘know’ magic’s presence is around, within and through you. You feel the ‘lightening up’ of your total being. You are living and working your true purpose with enthusiastic outer expression. 

You have absolutely no desire to return to your old, ordinary way, in fact, the old way looks like a toxic waste dump. Leave it way behind! Life has become extraordinary. 

You feel compelled to move deeper into your newly-discovered magical life, because now you know that “anyone who flies has magic - anyone with magic, flies!” 

You will proceed to share this feeling with other flies still in the jar, because every time you do, life just gets more magical! 

I know. 

You didn’t imagine that possible, did you? But that is exactly how it goes, as in a ripple effect, sharing your new you. 

In the order of Magic, it is human consciousness that must change, one being at a time. 

You are THAT. 

The direct conveyance of MAGIC into your life is complete. 

You can “come back” now….. 

So, are you ready??? 

Are you ready to embark on the journey of your life time? 

I take you under my wings and inspire you to fly! 

Red Dragon will guide you to YOUR guides and to the time of your life. Contact me today to begin.


[email protected]           RIGHT NOW ~~ before you forget. . . . . . .