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We are your #1 Coaching resource for finding & living your true, passionate life purpose. We create magic in your life and in the world. 
Turn your mundane into magnificent,
your dull into dynamic, your mediocre into Magic !

We just completed a 5-month odyssey with The Shift Network, for the intensive course "The Shadow Quest," Jeannie Heroux aka Red Dragon, was Staff Coach, supporting students of Tim Kelley (True Purpose Institute) & Beth Scanzani (Leading Transformational Teacher) as we guided students into "Mining the Gold" from their "Shadow Selves" to bring abundant treasures and gifts to Light!

Do YOU feel STUCK? Are you slaving for a paycheck at a job or career that you don't absolutely love? Are you tired of a dull, hum-drum, grey, ordinary life? Are you just putting one foot in front of the other, “getting through” your day, feeling uninspired, as if the romance, ‘spark,’ passion and joy of being alive is evading you? IS THIS YOU!?!?

We are calling all those who hunger for change. 

Those who strongly suspect there’s much more to life for you.
You feel, believe and know you are not living your purpose, destiny or authenticity. You struggle to maintain existence in your daily grind, afraid of venturing off your path and trying what you truly love, because why? 

"I'm not good enough?' or, 'I might fail?' 
You feel your life is devoid of magic, and you may have even finally reached your tipping point.

Have you ever kept flies kept in a jar?
They fly around and around in there, and oddly, once the jar's lid is removed, they still keep flying around, not realizing there's now a portal to their joyous freedom. 

People tend to do this too. We live a mundane existence, buzzing around but getting nowhere; in Divine Discontent; frustrated, but not sure why. People don't realize there's a portal through which they can fly up and away, out of the confines of their “jar,” to a purposefully prosperous, passionately motivated, joyfully magnificent life. 

You feel stuck....

But, then, one day, something magical happens… 

Enter, Red Dragon Magic

Discover your Purpose, Live your Joy,
Get carried Away! Love your Life!

Red Dragon is emitting the frequency of Magic out to you who feel weary or disconnected - out of "synch." Perhaps you've lost touch with the natural world; trees, animals, rocks, earth, spirit. Your job may keep you indoors, or perhaps you just don't feel completely comfortable spending a whole day meditatively in nature, simply observing. You may think about connecting with the spirit of Nature or wish to meet spirit guides, but aren't sure how. You may have nurtured others, raised children, but what about your connection to you?

You feel caught in your "jar." You feel tired, stressed, a little lost and very possibly out of alignment with Nature and Self. You may have annoying health issues for which you know no cause. Sometimes imbalances show up this way.  

If any of this is true for you, know this: This is YOUR time. Time to find joy and new passion. No more watching others who seem to be living their dreams. Open now to Magic in your life. 

Just reading this begins to set events and circumstances into motion that will usher you forward on your path to magic, passion, joy and renewed love for life! 

Your tour guide is waiting...

Ask yourself......

Would you feel completely fulfilled 5 years from now doing what you are doing today?

Ever feel you're not realizing your greatest potential to make the most meaningful difference in the world? 

Do you feel like you've lost a primordial connection or alignment with life?

Have you lost your passion? Crave magic, passion, or, are simply looking to find some balance on your current path?

Have you always been sensitive, 'different,' and you've longed to belong? Are you still seeking your tribe? 

If so, you are likely an empathic change agent, meant to impact the world….

If any one of these are YOUR nagging feelings, we need to talk!

BRIEF THERAPY: Maybe you are at a crossroads in your life, a transition -and just need a brief therapeutic intervention to help you get on track. We will provide you with the support, insight, guidance and, at times, divination for where your greatest passion and joy will be found. This very well may include an Oracle Card Reading (see Oracle Card Readings)

Or, Coaching sessions with a well-planned path for your journey (See Coaching/Ministry)

Or, a couple Qigong sessions to help to unblock that internal energy that's been preventing you from moving forward. (See section on Qigong.)

Do you feel unbridled passion for what you do?

Are you divinely motivated by your purpose? 

Do you receive guiding messages from Spirit, Nature or other trusted sources regularly?

Are you creating the change you want to see in our world?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you have the magic! Bravo to you!!!

But, if not, let's talk! 

You may be closer than you think to embracing your true passion and living life with profound joy. My life purpose is fulfilled by guiding and connecting you to your spirit-sources who co-create magic with you daily. Isn't it time to create a better life?

Don't wait. Every moment is precious where your divine, passionate purpose is involved. Be your true, authentic and prosperous self beginning TODAY!

Contact us. We are your Nature Spirit Tour Guide to Magic.


Co-creators and co-operators are standing by! 


Contact me today for a Spirit Walk and / or to start your magical new beginning....

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