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Why I Need You

Posted on June 30, 2016 at 8:50 PM

It is MY purpose to create and share my magic with you as you discover your purpose, meaning, passion and magic.

I remember my own nebulous, recurring hunch - this barely recognizable, seemingly ancient, almost lost and nearly forgotten urge that faintly beckoned to me, whispering, “there’s more meaning to your life than this....”

Just hearing me describe this, you are reminded of your own vague recollection of this recognition, like a flickering candle-flame that recedes and almost disappears. I am gently blowing on your glimmering spark, brightening the fire-glow that has seemed so obscured inside the inner core of your being.

Creating magic in the world.....Every time I convey magic to another, my magic grows stronger and the frequency intensifies and elevates.. Your hope and longing is to not just believe in magic, but to FEEL it, HAVE it, LIVE it, BE it. I connect my heart with your heart. My heart beats with the pulse of all hearts. Energetically, physically, in all ways. This is heart-magic, and it is powerful medicine. My heart beats for all of humanity.

In the beginning of my own transformational journey, I went inward, seeking Spirit-in-Me to fully understand my own intentions in “getting definite with the infinite,” regarding my path, transformation and career. It had become clear to me that my job was not as fulfilling as it once was, and, in many ways, had become a grind. The system felt toxic, the system seemed broken and every day was becoming drudgery. Quite simply, it held little magic for me.

I understood that my path was one of self-transformation, but it was not without guides. My Spirit guides ushered me through to undreamt-of beauty and unforeseen magic, but I had to ‘LET GO’ to allow the process within to unfold. Think of a child flying a kite: She does not stand still and wait for the kite to fly itself, but rather runs fast and trusts the wind to pick the kite up and carry it into the sky.

I learned this: For our life to soar, we cannot stand still holding tight to how we think our dreams must happen. Let go. Move with intention and trust your wings. Get carried away! In showing you your beautiful inner and outer self time and again, I will remind you through continual positive, encouraging support, that you are already perfect. You are always enough, and I help you to shed impedances that no longer serve you, eliminating anything less than Divine.

In experiencing this, you uncover your truth and purpose, open your heart’s passion and out gushes your unique gifts and blessings for the World. You couldn’t hold them back even if you wanted to. This is the real magic! Love opens portals!

We are innately connected. I live MY passion and purpose through YOU. I need you. And, you need me. I’m here for you to fulfill your purpose. You will feel the thrill of following your passion.

Now, my transformation has caused an amazing turnaround in my old job... Once I walked away, reconnected with my passion and magic, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? I returned part-time to my job, because I realized I would transform IT, and create magic there. And, I have. No longer is it drudgery or a grind. People have opened up and are enjoying their environment now that I've ‘showed up’ and continually remind them of their own blessings. Now they send their magic out into the world.

I discovered that magic is contagious! I can create magic anywhere! So, I do. You can, too. Continuously recreating and reinventing myself, I am aligned with Who I Truly Am. Sharing this with you is a requirement of my purpose’s fulfilment. You are the purpose, and how I create magic in the world. Find out more..... I am here for you.

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