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Spirit Walk In Nature Guide

Posted on August 1, 2016 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (1)

Out here, the calm greenness abounds after a rainfall. All is quiet, but for the sounds of nature's native tongue. Even though Swan may have lost her mate to Coyote last night, or Mamma Duck lost 4 babies to Fox, they still swim, fly, eat and live. Nature is strict, She is a tough teacher, and rarely gives 2nd chances.


But still, Heron fishes, Osprey dives for dinner, Crow calls among the trees and others answer. Honeybee gathers, squirrel collects, trees sway in the breeze and sweet Pepperbush exudes her alluring aroma. The orchestral tapestry of dramas play out in nature among Her inhabitants, but the sounds have no stridency. Here in this marsh is just the music of the vast Deep. The Creators' silence, the language of The All That Is.


Rabbit still freezes at a sound of footsteps, Fish still jumps to try to catch elusive Dragonfly. Mushroom still pops through loose earth and Milkweed Seed still finds purchase upon fertile soil. Woodpecker still taps on the tree behind me as if in Morse Code. Bullfrog's robust chorus blends in with chickadee's diverse repertoire.


This is Sanctuary. This IS peace. Whatever sadness, worry, shame, guilt, grief or anger that might plague us; it is dissolved here. It is minutiae. It holds no high importance anymore. The glory and greatness of creation diminishes the trivia what once seemed an enormous, abysmal tunnel of darkness. And I still watch, listen, feel, inhale and exhale miraculous breaths of Life. I am forgetting about anything that is less than Divine while receiving subtle messages from my co-conspirators out here, knowing that Nature is the closest connection to Source that we can experience.


This is why I am a Spirit Walk in Nature Guide. My life is a spirit walk and I'm thrilled to bring you along to share what I know. We 'see,' and I mean truly see - by waking up! We feel, hear, experience and finally know the true meaning of our life and embrace it with passion and purpose.


There's no rushing in Nature. Everything unfolds in its own time. When we let go of "needing" answers, messages meant just for us, appear. When we are free from our desire to control outcomes, events occur in synchronized perfection. When we surrender to vulnerability, we are empowered and in Flow. When we let go of expectations, we receive more than we could ever imagine.


If any of this sounds true for you, and you would like a guide, I will take you under my wings and teach you to fly.

Mary Glynn and I have been leading such Nature Spirit Walks with great success and feedback. We will 'be' in Nature together and attune to the calm and quiet that abounds, letting the portals to Magic open, flooding our senses and Spirit with the revelation of self-discovery and knowing.

Discover the Mystery hidden in plain view.

Discover You.