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Spirit Walk In Nature Guide

Posted on August 1, 2016 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (1)

Out here, the calm greenness abounds after a rainfall. All is quiet, but for the sounds of nature's native tongue. Even though Swan may have lost her mate to Coyote last night, or Mamma Duck lost 4 babies to Fox, they still swim, fly, eat and live. Nature is strict, She is a tough teacher, and rarely gives 2nd chances.


But still, Heron fishes, Osprey dives for dinner, Crow calls among the trees and others answer. Honeybee gathers, squirrel collects, trees sway in the breeze and sweet Pepperbush exudes her alluring aroma. The orchestral tapestry of dramas play out in nature among Her inhabitants, but the sounds have no stridency. Here in this marsh is just the music of the vast Deep. The Creators' silence, the language of The All That Is.


Rabbit still freezes at a sound of footsteps, Fish still jumps to try to catch elusive Dragonfly. Mushroom still pops through loose earth and Milkweed Seed still finds purchase upon fertile soil. Woodpecker still taps on the tree behind me as if in Morse Code. Bullfrog's robust chorus blends in with chickadee's diverse repertoire.


This is Sanctuary. This IS peace. Whatever sadness, worry, shame, guilt, grief or anger that might plague us; it is dissolved here. It is minutiae. It holds no high importance anymore. The glory and greatness of creation diminishes the trivia what once seemed an enormous, abysmal tunnel of darkness. And I still watch, listen, feel, inhale and exhale miraculous breaths of Life. I am forgetting about anything that is less than Divine while receiving subtle messages from my co-conspirators out here, knowing that Nature is the closest connection to Source that we can experience.


This is why I am a Spirit Walk in Nature Guide. My life is a spirit walk and I'm thrilled to bring you along to share what I know. We 'see,' and I mean truly see - by waking up! We feel, hear, experience and finally know the true meaning of our life and embrace it with passion and purpose.


There's no rushing in Nature. Everything unfolds in its own time. When we let go of "needing" answers, messages meant just for us, appear. When we are free from our desire to control outcomes, events occur in synchronized perfection. When we surrender to vulnerability, we are empowered and in Flow. When we let go of expectations, we receive more than we could ever imagine.


If any of this sounds true for you, and you would like a guide, I will take you under my wings and teach you to fly.

Mary Glynn and I have been leading such Nature Spirit Walks with great success and feedback. We will 'be' in Nature together and attune to the calm and quiet that abounds, letting the portals to Magic open, flooding our senses and Spirit with the revelation of self-discovery and knowing.

Discover the Mystery hidden in plain view.

Discover You.

Why I Need You

Posted on June 30, 2016 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

It is MY purpose to create and share my magic with you as you discover your purpose, meaning, passion and magic.

I remember my own nebulous, recurring hunch - this barely recognizable, seemingly ancient, almost lost and nearly forgotten urge that faintly beckoned to me, whispering, “there’s more meaning to your life than this....”

Just hearing me describe this, you are reminded of your own vague recollection of this recognition, like a flickering candle-flame that recedes and almost disappears. I am gently blowing on your glimmering spark, brightening the fire-glow that has seemed so obscured inside the inner core of your being.

Creating magic in the world.....Every time I convey magic to another, my magic grows stronger and the frequency intensifies and elevates.. Your hope and longing is to not just believe in magic, but to FEEL it, HAVE it, LIVE it, BE it. I connect my heart with your heart. My heart beats with the pulse of all hearts. Energetically, physically, in all ways. This is heart-magic, and it is powerful medicine. My heart beats for all of humanity.

In the beginning of my own transformational journey, I went inward, seeking Spirit-in-Me to fully understand my own intentions in “getting definite with the infinite,” regarding my path, transformation and career. It had become clear to me that my job was not as fulfilling as it once was, and, in many ways, had become a grind. The system felt toxic, the system seemed broken and every day was becoming drudgery. Quite simply, it held little magic for me.

I understood that my path was one of self-transformation, but it was not without guides. My Spirit guides ushered me through to undreamt-of beauty and unforeseen magic, but I had to ‘LET GO’ to allow the process within to unfold. Think of a child flying a kite: She does not stand still and wait for the kite to fly itself, but rather runs fast and trusts the wind to pick the kite up and carry it into the sky.

I learned this: For our life to soar, we cannot stand still holding tight to how we think our dreams must happen. Let go. Move with intention and trust your wings. Get carried away! In showing you your beautiful inner and outer self time and again, I will remind you through continual positive, encouraging support, that you are already perfect. You are always enough, and I help you to shed impedances that no longer serve you, eliminating anything less than Divine.

In experiencing this, you uncover your truth and purpose, open your heart’s passion and out gushes your unique gifts and blessings for the World. You couldn’t hold them back even if you wanted to. This is the real magic! Love opens portals!

We are innately connected. I live MY passion and purpose through YOU. I need you. And, you need me. I’m here for you to fulfill your purpose. You will feel the thrill of following your passion.

Now, my transformation has caused an amazing turnaround in my old job... Once I walked away, reconnected with my passion and magic, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED? I returned part-time to my job, because I realized I would transform IT, and create magic there. And, I have. No longer is it drudgery or a grind. People have opened up and are enjoying their environment now that I've ‘showed up’ and continually remind them of their own blessings. Now they send their magic out into the world.

I discovered that magic is contagious! I can create magic anywhere! So, I do. You can, too. Continuously recreating and reinventing myself, I am aligned with Who I Truly Am. Sharing this with you is a requirement of my purpose’s fulfilment. You are the purpose, and how I create magic in the world. Find out more..... I am here for you.

Once Upon A Time...

Posted on June 6, 2016 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Last week we entertained the notion that life could truly be like a magical fairytale.

You’ve considered it yourself, haven’t you...?

Yet the path seems to recede and fade, only to faintly glisten and beckon at times from a distance, enticing your heart to follow.....yet, once again, it eludes you, and you stand bewildered, with swirling traces of stardust now being carried off by the breeze. In an instant, it's all gone...until the next time. You know what you saw, you just can't ever seem to catch up and hold on to it.... 


I followed the path of science, practicing medicine. But the more immersed I became in my career, the more I felt an underlying lack of synchronicity with my soul. I wasn’t even sure what I sought, but I knew there WAS something 'more.' Since childhood, I believed in magic, in fairytales and the spirit world, else-others-where. I had caught enough glimpses to know. I had been there. But its tangible permanence would elude me time and again.

Then, enter Red Dragon. Now I am no longer a seeker; I am a finder.  

I used to feel my life had meaning because I served others in health care, and I enjoyed my path, until it began feeling too much like “work.” I still have Heart for my hospital work, I just do it part-time now and with renewed fervor. My new-found awareness of my true purpose, as delineated by Red Dragon, drew me, like a Pied Piper, to follow my passion, reminding me of my own magic.

It wasn’t until Red Dragon ‘blessed’ me with my purpose, that I realized I hadn’t actually ever had one. My life had meaning, but not purpose. There’s a difference.

Purpose is the reason for which something is done, created and acted upon.

Meaning is the value or values which are assigned to that purpose.

It wasn’t enough to have meaning. That meaning needed to exist within the context of my true purpose, passion and joy. Furthermore, this meaningful purpose needed action, embodiment and direction. The lesson of Red Dragon is one of passion, magic, authenticity, showing up and getting carried away by our heart’s desires, my heart beats for all of humanity. Be in love with life!


Are you one of them?

Many of us were educated or trained to serve in a specific way, but we came to feel that our once dynamic careers had lost their excitement, luster, magic. Many of us felt disenfranchised, estranged from our own profession, from our tribe, and void of course.

I was owning these feelings, but I had nowhere to go with them. Then the concept of TRIBE became clearer to me. Like minded, like-purposed people all working with a point of focus to create a Ministry-of-sorts, and the changes needed to improve our world.

We dream it into being by living it. 

Speaking with others, I found the validation that I was not the only one feeling discouraged, nor was I the only one with high, purposeful ideals longing for a tribe in which to belong and share our point of focus.

Once I recognized this, then something truly magical happened - something that would not only stretch my awareness about my purpose, but also change my attitude about my hospital work, such that even THAT has become purposeful and magical!

HOW this happened is a topic of discussion for some other time, should you decide you want to learn more.

But for now, are you still looking for your tribe? Do you feel driven to know more about who they are? Where they are?

If so, I know just how you feel. Because I’ve been there. And, I can help you to align with that which draws you, inspires you, excites you. That’s the magic you long for.

I know.

I am,

Red Dragon

Living Your Passion

Posted on May 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Have you ever thought that your life could be more exciting? Magical, even?

You either know me personally or you've seen my posts. Have you ever wanted to ask me what has happened to me in my life that allows me to be happy, purposeful and maintain my magical essence?

Let's first define MAGIC in this context:   wonderful; exciting. (ex., "what a magic moment!") Synonyms are ' fascinating, captivating, charming, enchanting, entrancing, spellbinding, magnetic, irresistible, hypnotic.' You get the picture.

The secrets of magic can't be fully expressed in the limited dimensions of the written word, as words tend to be diminishing. However, I can give you some previews, which is one of the purposes for this blog.

Red Dragon taught me to live my purpose with passion, joy and magic. But, he also was very clear that it isn’t just about me. My mission is to create magic in the world, starting with other change agents who have the sense of knowing there is more to life than existence for themselves. Also, that their mission is 3-fold. They must:

1. Find/know their purpose

2. Live it with magic and passion

3. Share this joy with others, so others can live their magical purpose with passion

So, you can see that magic eminates out from me, as in a ripple effect, to you, to others, to hundreds, thousands and more!

You may not think you have a Red Dragon, but, you do. You have me. I AM red Dragon. I can show you.

Knowing your purpose and not acting on it changes nothing. Knowing your purpose and living it changes everything.

Red Dragon is a change agent, Once I understood that fact, I began to upload his raw data - copious amounts! After I made sense of all of it, I knew I was now responsible to do something about it. It is one thing to know your purpose, it is quite another thing to know it and go through the awkward stretching of one’s comfort zone to live it passionately, fearlessly, joyfully, magically - A Magical Ministry! 

I’ve completed this phase of the process of learning, embracing and living my passionate purpose. So, you can rest assured that you’re not leaping empty-handed into the void, but just setting your feet where the sand is untrodden. With a roadmap and a tour guide (Me - Red Dragon.)

I have a strong vision to create magic in the world by showing others how to find their soul-aligned purpose, or, if you know it, how to manifest it into being.  I am a part of your support team. Once the magic is conveyed, you then take your own “show on the road,” living and passing the magic on to others - not because anyone makes you, but rather because you are so passionate and joyous about it, you can't not share it!!!!!

You forever belong to our tribe. I take you under my wings and inspire you to fly. 

Do you know your purpose?

If you would like to learn more about the magic of finding and living your purpose with passion, contact me, as I am your Passionate Purpose tour guide, coach and mentor. Welcome to our Ministry. I have the roadmap to creating magic.

Until next time -

I am,

Red Dragon.