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Meet Jeannie Heroux: a.k.a. Red Dragon
True Purpose Coach™ & Oracle Card Reader

Jeannie M. Heroux, NP draws the magic of the natural world into everyday ordinary and non-ordinary reality and believes Synchronicity is when the Universe gets personal. Your reading this now is not by coincidence, but by Divine appointment.

Jeannie has been a coach for over 30 years under different titles: Wildlife & Nature Photographer, Nurse Practitioner, Card Reader, Nature Guide, Mother, College Professor, Therapist, Qigong Instructor, Aromatherapist, Astrologer, Sweat Lodge Facilitator & more.

Assimilating all this 'fieldwork,' she has brought her Magic to those who hunger for "more." Like Red Dragon, she is a change agent, a messenger, a Wizard of Magical Change, here to guide you in your next level of ascension through your own personal, spiritual and global evolution. For details, please see "The Lesson of Red Dragon" on this site. Consensual reality may be far less solid than we surmise.

Like an ancient, lost and nearly forgotten heart-song fairytale that you long for, Jeannie can help connect and unite you with your purpose & passion: your magic.

To this end, she says, “I have such profound gratitude for the magic in my life. MY heart’s desire is for you to have what I have, so you, too, can live it and share it. The magical fairytale is real. Through the rite of the Lightworker, I have stepped into the realm of light-magic where perfection & Love is all there is. We ARE the magic!”

Jeannie’s heart-felt intention for you is for your connection or reconnection to your own Magic, and thus for your fulfillment of your highest purpose so that you, too, are an agent of magical change in our world, creating Heaven on Earth.

 I guide weary souls to their own inner magic, to live with passion & purpose, a life they absolutely Love!!!

Request an Oracle Card Reading today! Discover who you are, your less-known parts (or, disowned), specific animal medicine for you based on these findings, and the Oracle’s message for you to proceed to your greatest and highest destiny. 

This is a snapshot of before, now, and to come. But, because there really is no time - (we made it up!) - all these happen at once. Life is never linear. So what is revealed is what has, will or is a part of you. Join me as we peer into the magical intricacy that is YOU!!!

Isn’t it time to heal the wound of separation between your inner passion and your outer expression? Isn’t it time to create a better life?

Come with… Your Tour Guide Awaits ~ The Magic has just begun ~ 

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I am,

Red Dragon

Jeannie is a licensed, Board-certified Adult Medical Nurse Practitioner and Board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, recently retired from Cape Cod Hospital Emergency Department in Hyannis, MA., to live her blessing as a True Purpose Coach.™ She holds a Master’s Degree in Science from the University of Missouri – Columbia and Post-Master’s Degree from University of Massachusetts, Boston. She is certified as a Qigong Instructor, and is also licensed as a True Purpose Coach through the True Purpose Institute™

Why Jeannie? And What are Oracle Cards?

I am your Nature Spirit Guide - Through Oracle Card Readings, we connect with animal guides, spirits, planets, plants ~ How? 

I show you!

To get in to balance, we seek truth. There is no greater truth than Nature. To get back into balance is to get back into Nature!

Magic is everywhere. If you want to connect and live in this frequency, come see! My deck of cards were made by me, and feature animals I know and photographed from all over the country, (for evidence, see the Wild Spirit Photo Gallery on this site) along with specifically chosen planetary bodies (Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, etc), Ego "personas" along with 'primary & 'disowned or shadow parts' corresponding to zodiac and animal spirit influences. Then I take these components and offer you a channeled Oracle Message just for you. based on the card(s) you've chosen. 

Our life's meaning, or, purpose, is where we find our heart's desire and passion. Guiding and mentoring people to find passion & their own true purpose creates magic in their lives, and in the world! Creating magic in the world is MY passion & purpose! 

Why hesitate? Setting our feet where the dirt is untrodden, there is a universe out there waiting…. Come On, Let's Go!