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Wizard of Magical Change......

Welcome to my Website! I have been a coach for over 30 years under different titles: College Professor, Qigong Instructor, Nurse Practitioner, Nature Photographer, Hedgewitch, Shaman, Aromatherapist, Mother, Nature Guide, Sweat Lodge Facilitator and more. Assimilating all this 'fieldwork,' I now bring my Magic to you who hunger for change. Like Red Dragon, I Am a change agent; the Wizard of Magical Change, here to guide you in your next level of ascension through your own personal, spiritual and global evolution. Consensual reality may be far less solid than we surmise. 

Live the life you love, change what you must to live with passion, magic and creativity, ‘show up’ in your own authenticity and let yourself get ‘carried away’ on the breezes of your heart’s desires. 

In so doing, you strengthen and better yourself, your tribe, your community, the world, the universe and cosmos. 

Shed the old, be as if new, recreate and reinvent yourself to resonate with Who You Truly Are; Magic! 

Be with and love through Spirit to spread joy, love and magic to all whom you touch, like the kiss of the dragonfly; one being at a time.


Hedgewitchery, or Hedgecraft, is a kind of combination of Witchcraft and Shamanism.  Modern Hedgecraft is the study, adaptation and practice of ancient nature-based, spiritual, shamanic and healing traditions in our modern lives.

The Lesson of the Red Dragon

Why are we Red Dragon Magic?

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Qigong FAQ's

As a Nurse Practitioner, many people come to me with complaints of fatigue, aches, sadness, irritability, brain-fog and anxiety.  Adding Qigong can greatly enhance conventional medical treatments. Allowing you to be at your personal best. Read Frequently Asked Questions about Qigong:

Nature Spirit Photography

Wildlife & Nature Spirit Photography is the focus of Red Dragon Magic, based on the mystical messenger, the Red Dragonfly. Nature is the basis of all life patterns, cycles and messages: Nature is our greatest teacher. For those unable to be out in Nature, your Nature Spirit Guide brings Nature to you! See our Photo Gallery, excerpt below: